You will find below a non-exhaustive list of our rates.

Please note that depending on the nature of the textile and the cleaning to be done, other techniques involving other rates may be better suited.
(dry cleaning, wet cleaning, water washing)

Our staff will be happy to advise you and explain the chosen solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Want to give your sneakers a makeover?

Have your favorite sneakers lost their luster? No need to replace them immediately! Our facility offers a thorough cleaning service to give your sneakers a new lease of life. We take care of the complete washing of your sneakers, deodorize them and offer a waterproofing treatment to protect them against stains.

Current offer

Single curtains

december 4 to 16

Extend their life, make them look and smell better.

from CHF 4.-/m2 (instead of CHF 5.-/m2)


Pants, skirts, dresses

Pants from CHF 7.50
Skirts from CHF 7.50
Dresses from CHF 7.50
Robe on request


Shirt on hanger (see offer) from CHF 4.20
Folded folder from CHF 6.00
T-Shirt/Polo from CHF 6.50
Sweater from CHF 7.50
Vest from CHF 7.50
Top, hand-ironed from CHF 7.50
Blouse, hand-ironed from CHF 7.50

Jackets & coats

Jacket from CHF 7.50
Coat from CHF 7.50
Raincoat with waterproofing from CHF 7.50
Sleeveless jacket CHF 7.50
Jacket from CHF 12.00
Vest down jacket CHF 15.00
Down jacket from CHF 20.00
Windbreaker with waterproofing CHF 35.00


Belt from CHF 1.00
Tie from CHF 7.50
Scarf from CHF 7.50
Scarf from CHF 7.50
Bonnet from CHF 7.50
Military beret from CHF 7.50

Household linen

Blankets & plaid

Simple cover CHF 15.00
Double cover CHF 20.00
Cowhide, sheepskin m2 CHF 30.00

Carpets & curtains

Carpet m2 CHF 30.00
Carpet in the evening m2 CHF 34.00
Veiling (per m2) from CHF 3.50
Single curtain m2 CHF 5.00
Double curtain from /m2 CHF 7.00


Pillowcase from CHF 6.00
Bed sheets from CHF 15.00
Bed cover from CHF 15.00
Single comforter (< 140cm) from CHF 32.00
Double comforter (> 160cm) from CHF 38.00
Cushion from CHF 15.00
Sleeping bag from CHF 30.00
Quilted Bedspread from CHF 30.00
Single mattress cover (< 140cm) from CHF 60.00
Double mattress cover (> 140cm) from CHF 80.00


Chair cover from CHF 8.00
Tablecloths from CHF 12.00
Towels from CHF 2.50


Outdoor cushion from CHF 25.00
Inflatable pool on request
Pergola tent with waterproofing on request


Shoes & Sneakers

Sneakers from CHF 20.00
Sneakers + waterproofing from CHF 25.00

Ski clothes

Waterproof jacket from CHF 35.00
Waterproof Pants from CHF 25.00
Waterproof suit from CHF 35.00

Weddings, Cocktails & Parties

Evening dress from CHF 25.00
Wedding dress from CHF 120.00

Tuxedos, suits & complete-vestion

2 pieces (pants + jacket) from CHF 15.00
3 pieces (+ vest) from CHF 22.50
4 pieces (+ shirt) from CHF 27.50
Total (+ tie or bow tie) from CHF 35.00


Pants from CHF 50.00
Skirt from CHF 50.00
Jacket from CHF 70.00
Coat from CHF 90.00


Pants from CHF 50.00
Skirt from CHF 50.00
Jacket from CHF 70.00
Coat from CHF 90.00


We do not

Permanent offers

Men's shirts

1 to 4 pieces per piece CHF 5.00
5 and more per piece CHF 4.20
In linen per piece CHF 6.00
Subscription for 30 shirts (4,20 / piece) Loyalty card offered CHF 126.00
Abo 50 shirts (4,20 / piece) Loyalty card + 1 free 2-piece suit cleaning CHF 210.00
Abo 100 shirts (3.95 / piece) Loyalty card + 1 free 2-piece suit cleaning CHF 395.00


MANOR Chavannes loyalty card one-time cost CHF 5.00


Waterproofing from CHF 20.00

Delivery service

from Morges to Geneva in addition to the price of the service CHF 50.00

Sewing & Alterations

Pants hem (simple) CHF 25.00
Pants hem (with cuffs) CHF 30.00
Change zipper CHF 30.00
Other on request



Cushions from CHF 30.00
Coats, sweaters and others on request


Horse blankets from CHF 25.00