Your textiles, our expertise

Depending on the nature and finish of your textile, the number of pieces or the type of cleaning you are looking for, we can use different techniques.
Our staff will be happy to advise you and explain the best solution. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Cleaning techniques

Dry cleaning

We have always favored high power dry cleaning to cope with large volumes in short time. At the forefront with the most advanced machines, we have now started to use futuristic machines with the new ecological solvent.

Washing with water

The development of water washing with the automation of the procedures and the distribution of detergent allows us to reduce the environmental impact.

The advantage is also the quality of the result with a uniform washing and the good respect of the fabrics.

Wet cleaning

This is a new water washing procedure that allows us to treat more delicate fibers (wool, silk, etc...) with water.
New fabrics or new forms of coloring used in the garment industry are not compatible with dry cleaning and require a specially designed water wash, Wet-Cleaning.

The finishes


Waterproofing the outer fabric of your garments allows you to optimize several properties of your garment. Whether it's protection from moisture or dirt, it also improves the breathability of your garment. Rain and moisture will bead up on the garment for comfort in any weather!


Ironing is known to smooth out your clothes and make them smooth and well dressed. We use specific presses for different items (jackets, pants, curtains) to limit the physical input of the ironer and thus ensure consistent quality. In addition to giving you a neat appearance, the heat of the ironing will also help to get rid of bacteria and parasites, which can sometimes resist and remain stuck on your clothes despite the cleaning products.


Our wardrobes are often filled with passion. Folding correctly will save you space. Our advice: keep only what you absolutely must hang on a hanger.



Detergent of vegetable origin for the treatment of clothes for animals

The cleaning of the textiles of our "4-legged" friends is essential to have a clean house and preserve hygiene. Unfortunately, we often use aggressive, highly perfumed products with disinfectant properties, and sometimes bleach or ammonia. These solutions give the feeling of solving the problem, but in reality these substances are harmful to the health of animals and can cause allergic reactions, skin, but also respiratory attacks.

We use a product specially designed for them.

"The Classic"

Your shirts from CHF 4.20

For a long time now, we have been developing a parallel service with our own production line to offer our customers the washing and ironing of shirts.
We bet on the automation of the washing and on a better mechanization of the ironing to offer quality at the best price.

The service dedicated to your business

Your employees will be on top of their game

In the face of an increasingly dynamic world, we have organized a system to serve employees directly at their place of work.

With the establishment ofa collection point at the company's headquarters, employees can drop off their clothes. Our delivery person collects the items to be cleaned and drops off the covers containing the cleaned and ironed items. All your employees have to do is pick them up!

Nothing could be simpler to relieve the life of your employees. Call us for more information.

Cleaning your home textiles

From the bedroom to the garden, through the kitchen...

The cleaning and maintenance of your fabric items used "at home" is a real challenge. There are the dimensions of the items and their nature. Whether they are part of your interior or your exterior,

To meet your needs efficiently and professionally, we have, for example, created a special production line for blankets. Some of them, made of wool or silk, need to be dry cleaned for example.

Your curtains, rugs, chair cushions, pergolas, inflatable pool, outdoor cushions are also taken care of. We love to meet your challenges!

Our products

Anti-mite, anti-mite, waterproofing

To accompany you in your daily life with quality products is important to us. That is why you will find in our points of sale moth repellents, anti-mite and waterproofing products. Do not hesitate to ask us questions!